essenscia aims to offer the highest quality service to businesses within the chemical and life sciences sector. That is why we make it a priority to provide high quality training courses.

The sector federation organizes many training courses in various areas of expertise, mainly concerning health, safety, product policy, social affairs, and intellectual property protection. In 2020, more than 2,150 employees in the sector received training, representing almost 11,000 hours of training.

Many of these courses are sponsored by the government through the SME Portfolio (« KMO-portefeuille »), an initiative of the Flemish government.

With Co-valent, the sector has its own training fund to support at-risk groups and free training adapted for businesses within the sector.

Here is an overview of essenscia’s training courses

All our training courses are organized in compliance with applicable health and safety requirements in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.


The WALRIP programme (Wallonia Reach Implementation Programme) aims to help companies meet the ever-changing requirements of the REACH and CLP regulations.

Patent Unit

Free training to help companies protect and promote their innovations

Crisis Communication

An exclusive crisis communication and media training workshop tailored to the specific needs of companies within the chemical, plastics, and life sciences industries.

Product Policy Study Day

The annual Product Policy Study Day pulls together the latest legislative developments in the chemicals field.

Social policy

Training courses on the outcomes of sectoral negotiations, the application of sectoral collective agreements in the chemical, plastics, and life sciences industries, and trends and developments in social law and human resources.

Process Safety Club

A group designed to share experience, primarily for technical managers (engineering, production, safety, maintenance), but also for academic or private entities that provide information to industrialists on industrial risk prevention.

Process Safety Academy

Safety training, specific quality courses and a learning platform for safety experts.

General Conditions

  • If you are unable to attend, a colleague can replace you. Please inform us in advance, via
  • You may cancel your registration free of charge up to 5 working days before the course starts. After this period, 50% of the registration fee is payable.
  • If less than 5 participants are registered 5 working days before the course is due to start, essenscia reserves the right to cancel the training.
  • If the training is cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstance, essenscia reserves the right to reschedule the training at a later date, and/or in another location, whilst maintaining the registration fees. Participants will be informed in due course. The same cancellation conditions described above, will apply.