essenscia wallonie

essenscia wallonie is the regional division of essenscia, supporting more than 200 companies in Wallonia, offering expertise, advice and services tailored to regional themes and competencies.

The chemical and life sciences sector is one of the major industrial sectors in Wallonia, representing a quarter of industrial turnover and more than a quarter of added value. The sector champions Walloon exports and innovation, accounting for almost 50% of total exports and two thirds of total private expenditure on research and development. The sector is experiencing rapid growth and turnover has doubled in the last ten years.

Around half of the 29,000 employees in the sector work in the Walloon-Brabant province, where the pharmaceutical industry is strongly represented. The chemical industry is mainly represented in the Hainaut province, in the Feluy-Manage-Seneffe triangle. The biotech clusters are mainly located around Liège and Charleroi. Other chemical and plastics companies are spread throughout Wallonia.


Frédéric DRUCK

Managing Director

Communication Project Manager
Requester data
 Last name  : Collin
 First name  : Stephanie
 Logon ID  : G26481
 Entity  : BCQ Language Services
 Phone  : +3225658657
 Mobile  : +32498527330
 E-mail  :

 Name  : Wiegandt Michel
 Location  : Antwerpen
 Langue  : NL - FR - DE - EN - PT
 Phone  : 0475/48 07 43
 Email  :

Photo Report Briefing 
 Name of the report: Shooting - Simon Buxin
 Type  : Portrait
 Description  : Bonjour Michel
Pourrais tu faire un shooting de Simon Buxin au Marais ? Pour un article Dixit Today. J'ai besoin des photos pour le 1 février au plus tard (format 300 x 300; 750 x 333; en 1920 x 400) 
tu peux le contacter en direct : Simon Buxin - telephone : 02/565.80.11 - 
Je peux te donner accès au parking du Marais, dès que la date est fixée.
 Days  : 1

Day 1
 Date  : 01/02/2019
 Address  : Marais/AB - rue du Marais - 1000 Bruxelles
 Timetable of the photo report - Start time  : 00:00
 Timetable of the photo report - End time : 00:00
 Time the photographer's presence is desired - Début  : 00:00
 Time the photographer's presence is desired - Fin  : 00:00

Local BNPPF contact (on site)
 Last name  : Buxin
 First name  : Simon
 Phone  : 02/565.80.11
 Mobile number: 02/565.80.11
 E-mail  :

Other information
 Access to a secure building  : Yes
 Collection point for identification badge  : Marais 
 Parking available  : BNP
 Address  : Marais 
 Dress code for the photographer  : Casual
 Dress code for the photographer - Other  : 
 Catering available  : No

Billing information 
 Customer name  : Marleen Douliez
 Department  : Dixit Today 
 PO number  : 000000
 Cost center  : 010668

 Number of photos wanted  : 
 Set of slides  : 
 Number of photos wanted for slides  : 
 Means the delivery of the photos 
   USB  : 
   WeTransfer  : 
   CdRom  : 
   WebSite of the photographer: 
   Other  : Yes
Clarisse JANSSEN

Communication Advisor

Management Assistant

A word from the President

“Attracting the right talent, strengthening our international competitive position, and supporting innovation for more sustainability – these are the main challenges we will face in the coming years. To succeed, business and education must strive to work together more effectively. We need an industrial policy that strengthens competitiveness and encourages innovation. These are the key components for a sustainable future for our sector and our society.”
Pierre DORIGNAUX, President, essenscia wallonie

Wallonia Regional Council

The Wallonia Regional Council determines the strategy for essenscia wallonie and establishes the priority themes based on proposals from various work groups and the team of experts. All sub-sectors are represented on the council and members come from both large companies and SME’s.
  • Frédéric Druck, essenscia wallonie, Managing director
  • Cristelle Noirhomme, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines, vice-présidente
  • Pierre Dorignaux, Takeda, President
  • Christophe Allard, Cenexi-Laboratoires Thissen
  • Vincent Bertiaux, Afton Chemical
  • François Blondel, KitoZyme
  • Geoffrey Close, Prayon
  • Mario Conti, Inovyn
  • Benoit Decottignies, Sogelub
  • Nathalie Draux, Quality Assistance
  • Thomas Estienne, Cabot Plastics Belgium
  • Geoffrey Folie, UCB Pharma
  • Jean-Manuel Fontaine, Mithra
  • Miguel Forte, Bone Therapeutics
  • Olivier Fosseur, Syngenta Chemical
  • Serge Francois, Jindal Films
  • Eduardo Gadea, Dow Silicones Belgium
  • Christophe Galimont, Air Liquide Benelux Industries
  • Lieven Janssens, Kaneka Eurogentec
  • Renaud Lambert, Galactic
  • Vincent Mancuso, PolyPeptide
  • Laurent Mercenier, L’Oréal
  • Sergio Scardino, Nouryon
  • Evy SchoolsTotal Petrochemicals Feluy 
  • Didier Sterna, INEOS Feluy
  • Patrick Stragier, Catalent Gosselies
  • Dirk Tack, BASF Belgium Coordinatioin Center
  • Christian Vandeputte, Vandeputte Huilerie-Oliefabriek
  • Pascal Van Hove, Prince Erachem
  • Francis Verhoeye, Zoetis Belgium
  • Michel Warzée, Yara Tertre