The WALRIP programme (Wallonia Reach Implementation Programme) aims to help companies meet the ever-changing requirements of the REACH and CLP regulations.

These regulations are complex and impose requirements on all actors in the supply chain, whether they be producers, importers, or users of chemical products.

They have existed for more than 10 years but are regularly updated and even copied around the world.  Implementation of these requirements is not a simple matter. It involves updating registration records, communicating requirements for the safe handling of chemicals and SVHC, and the evaluation and authorisation process…

Compliance with changing requirements is a major challenge for many companies, particularly when faced with Brexit and participation in the registration quality improvement scheme.


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Find your way through the REACH and CLP maze

With REACH and CLP constantly changing, companies must learn to work together and speak the same language. It is important to comply with the regulation requirements and that represents a major strategic challenge for many manufacturers in all types of sectors.

Through the WALRIP programme (Wallonia Reach Implementation Programme), essenscia, with the support of its large member companies, aims to assist companies with this process.

The WALRIP project was awarded the European Responsible Care Award by CEFIC in 2018.

The WALRIP Concept

The idea behind WALRIP is to share knowledge between experts in the industry and essenscia, through workshops held every four months, focused on various product policy topics.

The workshops not only provide updates about the regulation requirements, but also offer the opportunity to share experience and advice on specific topics. Participants can share real-life cases and submit questions to the work group to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.

The resulting conclusions and guidance from these exchanges are documented and organized into themes, made available for reference via the essenscia extranet.

For company-specific questions, participants can always contact an expert from the WALRIP team, who have extensive experience and knowledge of the topics. If necessary, they will put you in touch with specialists.

Who can participate in WALRIP?

This unique support programme is aimed at all Walloon companies that must comply with REACH and CLP requirements, regardless of their role within the supply chain (manufacturer, distributor, end-user…). It concerns not only the chemical sector, but all other manufacturing sectors, such as food, paper, textiles, glass etc.

2021 workshop schedule:

Unless the health crisis imposes new health and safety restrictions, the workshop will take place on 12th October from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
at Hotel ‘Les 3 Clés’
Chaussée de Namur 17
5030 Gembloux

How to register?

You may participate by subscription or by workshop. The subscription allows one person per company to participate in all workshops

When participating in the session, the choice of workshop is up to you


  • Members (Associates): 250€ excl. VAT
  • Non-members: 450€ excl. VAT

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Prices / Workshop (Excl VAT):

If you would like several people from the same company to attend, you can purchase a company subscription for each person, or register additional people per workshop.