essenscia is the Belgian federation of the chemical industry and life sciences sector. The organisation defends the specific interests of more than 720 companies active in chemistry, plastics, pharma and biotech.

Spokesperson for over 720 companies in the sector

Representing 720 companies in the sector, essenscia brings together both international businesses and SME’s, which represent 95% of the total turnover of the sector. essenscia’s role is to offer its members a tailor-made service, providing expertise and advice on sectoral issues. essenscia also represents the sector in the media and defends the interests of chemistry and life sciences at all political levels.

Consequently, essenscia plays an active role within the European federation of the sector, the CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) and the FEB (Federation of Belgian Enterprises). At regional level it maintains structural partnerships with AWEX (Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investment), the FIT (Flanders Investment and Trade), UWE (Union Wallonne des Entreprises), the VOKA (Vlaams Netwerk van Ondernemingen) and the Beci (Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry).

essenscia mirrors the institutional context of Belgium

To ensure the best possible service, essenscia’s structure corresponds to the political divisions and the spread of competencies across the country. Contacts with the federal government and European policy are carried out through essenscia’s transversal operation. The three regional departments – essenscia Brussels, essenscia wallonie and essenscia vlaanderen are the key interlocutors with the Brussels, Walloon and Flemish governments on behalf of companies in the sector.

Mission: Better quality of life for everyone

Sustainability is at the heart of essenscia’s mission. The world is facing major challenges in the use of energy and raw materials, easy access to health care, and food and water supplies for a growing global population.  Chemistry and life sciences are essential for the sustainable development of our planet.  This state-of-the-art, innovation-driven technology sector is crucial for the development of new products, applications and services that address global challenges.  The chemistry and life sciences industry is key to a sustainable future and continuous improvement in the quality of life for everyone.

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