Who are we?

essenscia vzw/asbl, the Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences industries, is a multisectoral umbrella organisation that represents the numerous sectors of activities in the field of chemicals and the life sciences.

A federation serving its members

essenscia includes nearly 750 companies representing more than 95% of the overall turnover in the sector. Its 60 experts provide information, services and tailor-made advice to its members.
The 17 professional sections of essenscia represent and promote interests specific to their sector of activities.
essenscia represents and defends the sector’s interests at a European level through active involvement in Cefic (the European Council of Chemical Manufacturers' Federations) and the FEB (Federation of Belgian Companies).

An organisation reflecting the institutional landscape of Belgium

The structure of essenscia is modelled on the reality of the Belgian institutions, with federal, regional and community areas of competence in order to provide state of the art services.
essenscia bruxelles, essenscia vlaanderen and essenscia wallonie, the three regional sections of essenscia, act as spokesmen for companies to the Brussels, Flemish and Walloon authorities on regional and community matters.

Mission: Improving everyone's quality of life
The world is facing important challenges in the use of energy, natural resources, and the provision of food, water and health for its population. Chemistry and Life Sciences are essential to making the world's development sustainable. Our innovative research is crucial to the development of new products, applications and services. Our industry is central to a successful future and to improving everyone's quality of life.

We undertake to bring together and develop the best skills within essencia in order to guarantee the excellence of our services to our customers and our members. Thanks to this expertise, we also participate proactively and constructively in all key discussions with a  view to enjoying society’s support for our sector. 
In being chosen by our member companies as privileged partner in defending their interests, essenscia seeks to be respected and recognised unanimously as THE federation of the chemical, plastics and life sciences industries.