Since 2007, essenscia has accompanied SMEs in the implementation of REACH and CLP, the mandatory communication of information on the risks and hazards of chemicals. essenscia does this via two regional projects:

  • Vlaanderens REACH Implementatie Projecten (VLARIP) in Flanders
  • Wallonie Reach Implementation Programme (WALRIP)  in the Walloon region
Central to this process is the exchange of experience among the participants during regular meetings. The projects assist SMEs:
  • To build a REACH and CLP strategy
  • To improve communication in the supply chain
  • To substitute unsafe chemicals
  • by training on REACH & CLP requirements
  • by giving updates on changes in REACH & CLP
  • by creating a network
Over the past years, 154 companies were active in VLARIP and 139 companies took part in WALRIP.  Both projects are open for all Flemish/Walloon companies. Evaluation of the projects revealed a high degree of participant satisfaction.
WALRIP continues till the next CLP deadline in June 2015 with support from the Walloon government. VLARIP is continuing without project funding from authorities.

Participating SMEs can benefit from 30% or 40% rembursal of the participation fee via the SME-Portfolio (‘KMO portefeuille’), a funding program for training of SMEs.  

VLARIP textiles and TEXCHEM

essenscia vlaanderen started in September 2008 a project for the textiles industry in Flanders, together with Fedustria, the Belgian textiles industry association and Centexbel, the Belgian textiles research institute.
This project focused on the implementation of REACH requirements by downstream users, using a lot of chemicals for the production of textiles (carpets, rugs, tapestry, high tech protection clothing, ...) and placing articles on the market. REACH obligations related to the substances of very high concern identified in the Candidate List for authorization were discussed and experiences shared to define a company strategy and working out a communication policy.
The project was prolonged in January 2011 till October 2012 and took also the safe handling of chemicals on board.

The 'VLARIP textiel’ projects accompanied 79 companies in the Flemish textile industry.
60 companies are now active in Texchem, a project for sustainable and safe use of chemicals in the textile sector. This initiative is a collaborative effort between essenscia, Fedustria and Centexbel.