To reduce the inherent risks to an absolute minimum, the transport of dangerous goods is governed by a number of international regulations:

  • UN Model Regulations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • ADR (road transport)
  • RID (rail transport)
  • ICAO-TI (air transport)
  • ADN (river transport)
  • IMDG Code (sea transport of packaged goods)
  • ...

These regulations include detailed (technical) specifications, concerning in particular: 

  • the hazard classification of goods
  • the packaging of dangerous goods
  • the bulk transport of dangerous goods (in containers-tanks for example) 
  • the responsibilities of the various players  in the supply chain 
  • etc.

Through the pro-active monitoring of the regulations, essenscia, in cooperation with its members and the CEFIC European federation, seeks to ensure that the international rules are in line with the good practices implemented in the transport of dangerous goods industry.
Furthermore, essenscia keeps its members regularly updated on developments in the regulations and practices applied in he field of the transport of dangerous goods.
Finally, essenscia makes available to the safety advisers of its members a platform for the exchange of information and experiences. Its members can also contact experts active within the federation to obtain advice.

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