The chemical and plastics industry provides construction professionals with materials that contribute to construction methods that are compatible with sustainable development.

What is sustainable construction?
“Sustainable construction” is a multicriteria and integrated approach                 It achieves a balance between:

  • a building’s economic performances
  • social well-being 
  • environmental impact

The sustainability of a construction is measured throughout its life cycle and involves all the construction players.  

This multidimensional approach is not therefore limited to the origin of the materials but focuses on every aspect of a building’s performance.

It includes : 

  • energy savings
  • CO2 emissions
  • the use of environment-friendly materials
  • the rational use of water
  • comfort
  • accessibility
  • costs
  • mobility
  • safety
  • health.

Super materials in the service of sustainable construction

Modern materials originating in the chemical sector combine functional and technical qualities with longevity to enable them to achieve the level of performance necessary for a sustainable approach to construction and renovation. 
They make an optimal contribution to vital aspects such as insulation, airtightness, resistance to external aggression and thermal breaks, thereby bringing a significant improvement to the energy performance of buildings while guaranteeing their comfort, safety and longevity. 

Our companies operate entirely within the confines of a policy of sustainable development. Innovation is the absolute priority in the on-going search for new solutions with which to improve product durability and respond to the major global challenges we all face.

“The chemical and plastics sector is providing a realistic response to the challenges of sustainable development by seeking to produce and market products that offer permanent solutions able to integrate positively into a sustainable approach to construction and renovation.”   

Yves Verschueren
Managing Director, essenscia

“The restoration of the steel platform canopy was done in the most sustainable manner. The use of polycarbonate sheet made it possible to limit the environmental impact of the works by providing a longer product life and avoiding the need for any additional pillars.”