The Social Policy Department of essenscia is the first point of contact for member companies when facing human resources issues.

Our mission: to create the sustainable social conditions for the development of a positive entrepreneurial and investment climate.

This mission translates into three pillars:

Sector Policy

essenscia is the employers’ representative for the chemical, life sciences and plastics industries on the joint committees for blue collar and white collar workers of the chemical industry (PC 116 en PC 207).
Every 2 years we negotiate the national sector agreements and the different specific collective labour agreements for the sectors with the trade unions. All these collective agreements enriched with our comments are published every 2 years in essenscia’s Social Memento.
Within the sector’s Fund for Professional Training, the social partners of the chemical industry, in cooperation with the regional training centres and the sector consultants, work together to meet the challenges of a sectoral training and labour market policy.
The sector pension funds, jointly managed by the employers and the unions, provide a supplementary pension for over 28,000 blue collar and white collar workers in the chemical industry. More details are available at:
We also hold a mandate within the National Auxiliary Joint Committee for Employees (PC 208) and represent the sector within a number of joint federal institutions, such as the National Labour Council (NAR), the National Pension Service (RVP) and the Advisory Committee on Unemployment with company complement.

Public Affairs

The Social Policy Department of essenscia voices the interests of the chemical industry within several regional (VOKA, UWE, Beci), federal (VBO) and European (ECEG, Business Europe) bodies.
In addition to our own memoranda to the different Belgian governments, the High Level Group for the chemical industry in cooperation with the federal government, and our numerous contacts with ministerial cabinets, we also defend the interests and positions of the chemical industry on all aspects of social policy within and via organisations such as VBO/VOKA/UWE.

Services to members

The Social Policy Department of essenscia advises and informs the member companies on all aspects of individual and collective labour law and social security law.
Our advisors assist the member companies and also answer all their questions on labour relations, by:

  • advising on how to deal with union delegations, the works council and the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work
  • providing support during collective labour agreement negotiations at company level
  • anticipating and remedying possible social conflicts, notably within the sector’s conciliation bureau
  • assisting  them when restructuring, including defending dossiers submitted to the Advisory Committee on unemployment with company complement and acknowledgement of the economic reasons for the restructuring in the Joint Committee.

We also organise, on a regular basis, seminars on recent developments:

  • in individual and collective labour law
  • with regards to sectorial provisions (sector CLA’s)
  • concerning social elections
  • on the functioning of the various social consultation platforms at company level.

We develop in-house training, made to measure for our member companies, on: social dialogue at company level; the functioning of the different social consultation platforms; dealing with union delegates; negotiating with unions, etc.