Created in Canada in 1985 and adopted by essenscia in 1991, the Responsible Care programme is a voluntary initiative of the chemical industry on a worldwide scale. Through this programme, companies commit themselves to permanently improving their performance in the areas of health, safety and environmental protection. Companies also commit to measuring their impact and communicating to the public with complete transparency about their performance in these areas.

Commitment to the Responsible Care principles as described Global Charter Responsible Care of 2014  is a condition for membership in the federation. Companies and their partners commit themselves to::

  • do everything to improve their companies’ performance in matters of safety, protection of the environment and health in making contributions to society as a whole in the area of sustainable development
  • use resources efficiently (energy especially) and minimise waste.
  • inform the public of concrete results achieved by the whole sector in areas linked to safety and the protection of health and the environment
  • listen and engage with people to understand and address their concerns and expectations
  • cooperate with governments and organisations in the development and implementation of effective regulations and standards, and to meet or go beyond them to better protect the population and the environment
  • provide help and advice to foster the responsible management of chemicals by all those who manage and use them along the product chain.

Responsible Care and beyond

essenscia is fully committed to sustainable development and considers Responsible Care as an essential part of this commitment. essenscia’s reporting on its Responsible Care performance is fully incorporated in our sustainable development report
essenscia and its subsidiaries organize a variety of activities to support our members in acting according to the Responsible Care principles and its aim to continuous improve in the different fields.

An overview by topic is given below:

Safety, health and environment

  • SHE Forum / Commission : update ongoing topics and exchange of experiences, organized quarterly
  • Factsheets and newsletters on SHE Topics: monthly publication
  • essenscia developed a site  where individuals and companies can indicate that an industrial gas cylinder lies with them. If such a bottle is lying around, a simple electronic declaration with an upload of a picture of the bottle, is sufficient to organize a free collect of the gas cylinder.
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Product Safety

essenscia invests a lot of effort to actively inform and train its members to ensure safe products with correct informations are placed on the market. Many training sessions are open to third parties.
  • Factsheets on REACH and CLP
  • Tools to support members in the implementation of REACH and CLP
  • Commission Product Policy : update ongoing topics and exchange of experiences, organized quarterly and open to all members
  • Annual symposium product policy
  • Annual Basic Training on product policy : training on REACH, CLP, safety data sheets, transport safety
  • Regional breakfast sessions on product safety with amongst others REACH/CLP related topics
  • WALRIP/VLARIP  : mentoring programs to support chemical value chain in the implementation of REACH/CLP
  • TEXCHEM: cooperation with the textile industry on the principles of sustainable development, exchange of experiences.

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Process Safety

Transport of chemicals

  • Annual symposium transport safety
  • Fact sheets on transport of chemicals
  • Belintra : Belgian link in the ICE (International Chemical Environment), a European assistance network set up by the CEFIC.
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  • Stakeholder meetings : regular consultation with stakeholders on sustainable development reporting.
  • Crisis management : practical guide was prepared by essenscia and regular training sessions are organized .
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