Through its actions, essenscia supports its companies in their export and foreign investment projects and works to create a climate favourable to foreign investments in Belgium. 
The chemical, plastics and life sciences industry is Belgium’s number one export sector with chemicals, plastics and pharmaceutical products making up more than a third of total exports.  It is an industry with a global dimension and more than 75% of its products are destined for export.

Together for free and fair international trade

essenscia is working for the reduction, if not elimination, of customs tariffs on chemical products in all countries with a  viable chemical industry. Given that around 80% of chemical products are used by the chemical industry itself, it is this industry that would be the first to benefit from a reduction in costs resulting from trade liberalisation. What is more, chemical products are used widely in other industries such as automobiles, electronics and textiles that would therefore also stand to benefit. 
Through its contacts with the authorities, essenscia campaigns for a free and fair market through the removal of all obstacles to trade in chemical products. 

essenscia, your partner for your company’s success at international level

A central location at the heart of Europe, the technical skills of our workers, the energy efficiency of our production sites, the quality of our research and a vast network of universities and knowledge institutions.  These are the key strengths of the chemical and life sciences industry in Belgium. Around two-thirds of the world’s 20 biggest chemical companies have invested in production sites in Belgium in recent decades.  Together with the many Belgian SMEs, these multinational companies enable Belgium to welcome on its soil Europe’s biggest chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate. 

essenscia actively promotes the advantages of this conglomerate at world level on the occasion of economic missions worldwide, often putting its member companies into contact with potential trading partners. 

Recent Belgian economic missions in Japan (2012), the United States (2013), India (2013), Malaysia (2014), have thus focused largely on chemicals, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Through the "Belgium, a world champion for chemicals and plastics" and "Belgium, the place to be for biopharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing" dossiers, essenscia has brought foreign investors into contact with the Belgian chemical and pharmaceutical sector. 
Thanks to intensive cooperation with the regional investment and trade agencies Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), Awex and Brussels Invest & Export, essenscia puts its member companies on the road to greater international success.