The chemical and life sciences industry seeks to be a responsible player, ready to assume a major role in resolving global environmental problems as well as in the field of health and safety for its workers and the population in general.

Environmental awareness has grown considerably since the 1970s and the chemical and life sciences sector very quickly showed commitment to the cause. Despite a significant increase in their production, companies have considerably reduced their environmental impact.

Here are a few figures to illustrate the point:

  • 77% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the past 20 years
  • 50% reduction in acidifying emissions since 2001
  • Drastic reductions in nitrogen and phosphate waste
  • Continuous improvement in waste water quality

Safety and well-being at work also constitute an economic factor of the greatest strategic importance for our sector that provides direct employment for about 90,000 people.
The strictest policy of risk prevention and management implemented by our industries has enabled our sector to achieve impressive results in terms of  industrial accidents and occupational illnesses, with figures three times better than those for manufacturing industry in general.

This commitment to safety and the environment on the part of the chemical and life sciences industry is apparent in the continuous improvement in its knowledge of the processes as well as the ever improving performances of the technologies and products it develops to meet the challenges facing society.