Food safety is one of essenscia's strategic priorities as the chemical industry plays a vital role in food production and distribution.

The principle of food safety consists of limiting the food-related risks to consumer health and therefore guaranteeing the quality of food on the shelf.

There are three forms of food safety:

  1. (micro-)biological food safety
  2. chemical food safety
  3. physical food safety

The essenscia fields of action

The chemical industry seeks to ensure that the consumer experiences no undesirable effects when consuming, conserving or preparing food. To guarantee food safety all the players in the food chain communicate continuously both upstream and downstream.

essenscia represents the interests of its members in the following fields:

1. Technological auxiliaries

A technological auxiliary is a substance that 

- is not consumed as a food ingredient as such;
- is used intentionally to produce raw materials, food or food ingredients in order to meet certain technical objectives during processing; 
- can lead to the undesired but technically inevitable presence of material residue or by-products in the final product (provided these residues are without danger to health and have no effect on the final product).

2. Inks

The ink that is used on that part of the packaging that does not come into contact with the food. 

3. Varnishes

The varnishes that are used on the internal surface of tins and cans, etc.

4. Glues

The glues that are used to close packaging or on labels.