Our mission:

To help reinforce the Health, Safety and Environmental Performance of the DPA-companies and thereby improve the reliability and reputation of the Flemisch Process industry as viewed by our employees, the authorities, media and the public.

We shall achieve this by:
  • sharing, collecting and improving the Health, Safety and Environmental knowledge amongst our members
  • organizing workshops foccussing on specific elements of HSE
  • developing a common platform to share our lessons learned.

Workshops 2018 - 2019


20 September : Veilig werken met chemicaliën i.s.w. met Vlarip (Technopolis)

22 november : Explosie demo (Technopolis)


13-16 november 2018: Specialized course on Mechanical integrity – Material selection & degradation phenomena (Faculty Club Leuven)

14 to 18 Januari 2019: Advanced Master Class on Process Safety (Hyllit Antwerp)

18-21 maart 2019 : Specialized course on Process Safety Engineering : Process safety in unit operations (Faculty Club Leuven)

6-10 mei 2019 : Specialized course on Emergency management & response (Hilton Antwerp)

2 - 5 September 2019: Specialized course on Hazard Analysis of Reactors, chemicals and Processes (Het Pand, Gent)

November 2019: Specialized course on Mechanical integrity - Material selection & degradation phenomena

December 2019: Specialized course on Human & Organisational Factors

Our name

Delta: Geographically covers all “Seveso” companies in Flanders from Northsea coast to German border.
Process: The Companies are involved in manufacturing and/or providing logistics for oil, gas & chemicals, as well as non-ferro products.
Academy: They share good HSE practises through workshops, websites and specific events as well as developing “general good practises” guidelines.

Our organization

Stewardship of Delta Process Academy (DPA) lies with essenscia vlaanderen. essenscia vlaanderen provides organisational, logistical and administrative support to the Academy and is the link to other sector associations, such as (but not limited to) VIBNA, Petroleum Federation, BATO, Agoria Contracting & Maintenance, and others.
An Advisory committee supports the realisation of the Mission, by defining topics for the year programme, the day-to-day operation is provided by the DPA coordinator (see also “Who is who ?”).