Hazards of chemical products

The hazards of chemical products are identified under the CLP regulation 1272/2008. CLP stands for the "Classification, Labelling and Packaging” of hazardous products.

At the end of 2008 Europe took a major decision in adopting a harmonised system for the classification and labelling of dangerous products: the GHS (Globally Harmonised System) Developed under the aegis of the United Nations, this regulation brings a radical change to the manner of communicating on the hazards of chemical substances marketed in the European Union.

Transitional measures will continue to apply until 2017 for products placed on the European market before 1 June 2015.

The label of a hazardous product includes following information:

- hazard pictograms
- hazard statements
- precautionary statements
 - signal words
- identification of the product
- name, address and telephone number of the supplier
- nominal quantity

On the ECHA (European Chemical Products Agency) website, you will find:

• a summary of the CLP regulation
• legal texts
• regulations 
• FAQs

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Notification to the Belgian Poison Information Centre

The Poison Information Centre answers more than 50.000 emergency calls a year regarding medicines, plants, pesticides, cosmetics and hazardous substances.  Experienced medical doctors of the Poison Centre are available for help 24/7 on the following phone number: 070/ 245 245. The call is free of charge.

It is important for the medical doctor to have access to the composition of a commercialized product to provide a swift and sound advice in case of incident.

For every hazardous product for human health and physical effects, the chemical composition and all necessary information that the Poison Information Centre needs must be transferred to the Poison Information Centre at least 48 hours before market release.

This must be done by the manufacturer or every other person who releases a hazardous product on the market.

It is recommended to declare also the composition of the products out of the mandatory scope. The Poison Information centre guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided by the industry.

The person in charge of the release on the Belgian market of a product to be notified must pay a one-time fee to the Federal Public Service Health and Environment.

The notification obligation is described in the Royal Decree of 21 April 2016.