The construction industry is facing major societal challenges: energy, saving materials, sustainable use of water, sustainable transport of goods and people, population growth, and create a pleasant living environment inside and out. At the same time the sector wants to actively contribute to the sustainable renovation of the building stock of the government in order to achieve the European 20-20-20-targets: 20% reduction in energy consumption, 20% energy from renewable sources, 20% less greenhouse gas emissions.

To meet this, the Flemish Confederation Building, Federplast and essenscia have joined their forces early 2013 in the Buildchem project with the mission and motto: build future together. Buildchem unites a variety of companies active across the construction value chain with the aim of developing cross-sectoral collaborations leading to innovative solutions which  are sustainable for humans and the environment. The experiences of the participants to Buildchem and recommendations for the future were collected in the book "Samen toekomst bouwen '
The Buildchem project was realized with the support of the Enterprise Agency through the project call 'Factories of the Future' in the framework of the “New Industrial Policy. "