BelgoChlor is a professional product section within essenscia.

BelgoChlor was started in 1994 by the Belgian chlorine producers of that time:

  • BASF
  • Solvay
  • Tessenderlo Chemie

The mission of BelgoChlor is to represent the chlorine producing industry in Belgium.

BelgoChlor in particular  :

  • Stimulates contacts and dialogue with the major stakeholders, both professional and non-professional;
  • Supplies, in collaboration with EuroChlor, scientific information to the competent authorities, political world, media, industry, ..., in order to provide objective and scientific data in the discussions at hand;
  • Stimulates best practices in the field of safety, environment and health, which supports the chlorine industry to continue to take its responsible and important role in our society.